Data Product Descriptor Specification

An open specification that declaratively defines a data product in all its components using a JSON or YAML descriptor document. It is released under Apache 2.0 license. Contributions from the data mesh community are welcomed!

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DPDS is released under Apache 2.0 license. You can use the specification as it is or extend it according to your needs. You can also join our community and actively participate in its evolution providing feedback or even becoming a committer.


DPDS is technology agnostic. You can bring your preferred tools for provisioning, CICD, policy enforcement, metadata management, etc. DPDS doesn't care. It adapts to your preferences flexibly, allowing you to leverage your previous investments.

puzzle Composable

DPDS collects the description of all the components used to build a data product, from infrastructure up to its interfaces. These definitions can be saved as a parametrized template and then reused to compose multiple data product descriptors.


DPDS has been designed to be easy to extend. You can add custom properties to almost all components of the descriptor documents. It is also possible to use external standards like OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, Open SLO etc.. to define some components.