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Data Product⚓︎

It's the smallest unit that can be independently deployed and managed in a data architecture (i.e. architectural quantum). It is composed of all the structural components that it requires to do its function: the metadata, the data, the code, the policies that govern the data and its dependencies on infrastructure. Each data product has a clear identifier, a version number and an owner.

Aside from general information, a data product is composed of external interfaces (i.e. interface components) and internal resources (i.e. internal components). Interface components are public and are used by external agents to access services exposed by the data product. Internal components are private and are used by the underlying DataOps Platform to deploy and operate the data product container.

The data product's general information, interface components and internal components are all described in the data product descriptor document whose structure and content are defined by the Data Product Descriptor Specification (DPDS).

Last update: November 26, 2022
Created: November 7, 2022