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This site contains all the available documentation related to the Data Product Descriptor Specification (DPDS). The site is organized as follows:

  • Overview: This page describes what the specification is about, its goals and its scope. Start from here to understand if this specification fits your needs or not before deep diving into other parts of the documentation.
  • ConceptsThis page describes the key concepts used in the specification and throughout all the documentation. Most of them are related to the data mesh paradigm. This page anyway is not a data mesh guide. It just positions some data mesh concepts in the scope of this specification to avoid possible sources of ambiguity.
  • Quikstart: This pages describe the key parts of the specification informally and incrementally to simplify the learning process.
  • Community: This page explains the possible ways to contribute to the specification evolution.
  • Resources: These pages point to external resources related to the DPDS.
    • Specifications: This page points to the HTML version of the DPDS.
    • JSON Schema: This page contains the documentation of the JSON Schema defied to validate data product descriptor definition compliant with the DPDS.
    • External Tools: This page contains a list of tools that use the standard divided by category.
    • Related Standards: This page contains the list of other standards that are related to the DPDS divided by category.
    • Data Mesh Resources: This page contains a list of resources useful to start learning about the data mesh paradigm.
    • HowTo(s) These pages contain guides that describe how to perform specific activities related to the DPDS documentation or lifecycle management.

All the documentation above assume previous knowledge about the data mesh paradigm. If you are new to the topic and you want to know more this documentation is not the right place. Please check the Data Mesh Resources page to find out better resources to start your data mesh study.

Last update: November 28, 2022
Created: November 7, 2022