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External Tools⚓︎

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Open Data Mesh Platform⚓︎

Open Data Mesh Platform is a platform that manages the full lifecycle of a data product from deployment to retirement. It has been designed and implemented by Quantyca to support the journey to the mesh of its customers. The platform will be released in open source at the beginning of 2023.

Open Data Mesh Platform uses the specification to create, deploy and operate data product containers in a mesh architecture.

Open Data Mesh Platform

In a DataMeshOps platform, Open Data Mesh Platform offers key services to implement the data product experience plane. Open Data Mesh Platform also comes together with a set of adapters to implement the infrastructure utility plane of the DataMeshOps platform over the actual infrastructure.

Open Data Mesh Adapters⚓︎

Blindata is a SAAS platform that leverages Data Governance and Compliance to empower Data Management projects uses the specification to collect and store in its knowledge graph all metadata related to deployed data products. Through its UI and API, it is then possible to analyze the mesh topology (i.e. static and dynamic data lineage), discover and evaluate data products (i.e. search and collaboration), monitor data quality SLA and SLO, etc...

In a DataMeshOps platform, offers key services to implement the data mesh experience plane. is integrated with Open Data Mesh Platform providing a control plane to its services. Through its UI the users can govern the data product's lifecycle from a visual and unified environment.

Last update: November 16, 2022
Created: November 7, 2022